Strategic & Operational Consulting Services: Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government
25 Massachusetts Ave., NW telephone: 202.589.1200
Suite 820 website:
Washington, DC 20001 email:
Industries and market sectors of the clients we serve:
Public Safety Infrastructure: Transportation, Water Resource
Energy: Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Renewable Facilities
Pharmaceutical/Medical Airports & Seaports
Services that we provide that connect clients to businesses and government agencies:
Emergency Response Preparedness & Operations Training – Classroom and Practical Hands-On
Crisis Communication Training Resourcing – HR talent
Connecting client products to new markets Business and Operations Continuity
Navigating complex bureaucratic organizations Real Estate Investment Consulting
Program Management and Planning Community Relations & Goodwill
Geographic Coverage
Countries we operate in and have sustained, active relationships:
Angola Qatar United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Saudi Arabia United States of America
Morocco Sudan Territories of the United States
Oman Turkey  
Businesses & Governments
Meeting the needs of our clients by connecting them to:
US Businesses General Services Administration
Department of Defense State & Local Governments
Department of Homeland Security: FEMA, TSA International Businesses
Department of Agriculture International Governments
Department of Energy